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Meet Ahmed

The School year is well underway, so we thought we’d take some time this week to pray for the many Saudi students and introduce you to Ahmed. Pray for the many students returning to school.  Pray that in their studies they would be drawn to him.  Pray that they would have positive interactions with believing […]

Prince Sultan one of the Sudairi Seven By Military of the United States or United States Department of Defense. cropping by OsamaK [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons March 02

Dawasir Tribe

The Dawasir or Al-Dosary tribe is one of the largest tribes in Saudi Arabia (around 500,000 people).  King Abdul Aziz Al Saud had several wives from this tribe, one of whom was Hassa bint Ahmad Al Sudairi. Seven children resulted from this marriage including the former King Fahd and the current crown prince, Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz […]

Yahya Al Shehri by Crazy_Ahlawi via February 02

Bani Shehr Tribe

The Bani Shehr tribe, known now as “Al-Shehri” traces their lineage to southwestern Saudi Arabia and to Al-Azd (linked to the kingdom of Sheba)  They are known for their incredible hospitality and warm welcoming of guests. Pray the the Al Shehri/Bani Shehr tribe would become joyful followers of Christ and that they would warmly help […]

Sunni Muslims protesting in Bahrain by Al Jazeera via January 05

Bani Khaled

The vast majority of people in the Bani Khaled tribe are Sunni Muslims.   They were once enemies of the Al Saud family and together with their allies tried to stop the Al Saud family from expanding its reach and power across the land that is now known as Saudi Arabia.  Since most Bani Khaled’s are […]

Man in Najran by CharlesFred on December 01

Al Murrah Tribe

The Al Murrah tribe once lived in the city  of Najran – a city in Saudi known for its Christian presence and Christian martyrs centuries ago.  Today there are no known believer in Najran or among the Al Murrah tribe. Pray that the Al Murrah tribe would become a mighty stronghold of Christ followers in […]

Hamed_Al-Ghamdi by saeed alghamdi via Wikimedia Commons November 03

Al Ghamdi Tribe

From southwest Saudi, the Al Ghamdi tribe was known for protecting a guest within their territory.  The word “Ghamdi” means “to cover with mercy” and “to sheath a sword”.  Today, the Ghamdi tribe is known as a strong tribe that works hard and loves education and business. Pray that the Ghamdi tribe, known for their […]

Saudi Millitary Parade by Omar Chatriwala on October 20

Utaiba Tribe

Originally extending across the western and central regions of Saudi, this tribe is known for being brave warriors.  The Utaiba tribe is possibly the largest tribe in Saudi Arabia and were known for once occupying the city of Taif. Today, a large number of Utaibah serve in the military and national guard. “Let the nomads […]

Holding Vigil by Al Jazeera English on via October 13

Hajj 2013

Hajj 2013 starts this week!  Millions of Muslims from around the world have arrived via the port city of Jeddah and are ready to start their pilgrimage. Pray that as people are preparing themselves for the Hajj, that they might come to God with a true and sincere heart. Pray that God would hear the […]

picture from by AslanMedia October 06


Last week we prayed for the increasing numbers of Saudi students attending colleges and universities in the US.   What an amazing opportunity for the church to become more engaged with international students and show the love of Christ to students who new to a strange and foreign land, away from home, missing family and […]

Screenshot from September 29

Saudi Students recently wrote a beautiful article about the dramatic increase of Saudi students enrolled in US universities: Number of Saudi students enrolling in universities in the U.S. has increased fivefold Let’s take some time this week to pray for Saudi students.  Click on the article link above to read more and get some great prayer […]


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